"Exceptions in the AP process are processed automatically"

Initially, we liked the fact that it was a web-based, modular solution that only needed to be adapted to internal processes and that invoices could be released remotely. The pricing model is completely transparent and linked to the transaction volume. A good thing for us is that Invoicetrack not only accepts necessary deviations in the AP process, but also automates them to a large extent. This enables us to automate even complex processes without great effort.

"Machine Learning creates positive experiences"

Approvers get support through intelligent suggestions based on historical data. This is because rules are recognized by automation and proposed for future comparable documents. Machine learning gives users more time to focus on more demanding tasks.

"Automation processes are self-controlled"

An essential element is the integrated OCR and verification service. Our accounting department can drive the automation process itself based on an OCR result of a specific document. Accounting users without IT background can intuitively enter rules and no longer have to worry about such cases. This also applies to invoices without purchase order reference - from our point of view, this is not the case with comparable providers.


"Invoicetrack has been very well accepted by our business partners right from the start"

With Invoicetrack, we have a structured process that is easy to monitor. It creates the basis for controlled growth.


"Springtime delivers a ready-to-go solution"

Invoicetrack is a reliable managed service and easy to integrate into an existing landscape. With other suppliers you often only get a chassis – and it is up to you to make a car out of it that works. Invoicetrack is not only a chassis but a car that runs smoothly.

"There are good reasons for using Invoicetrack"

The most important steps such as capturing invoice data are outsourced, the platform can be operated without much explanation and the process is cost-efficient. Invoicetrack has also cleared all the hurdles in terms of data security - above all because of the private cloud.

"The core competence of accounting remains on site"

The solution offered is a real alternative to outsourcing and offshoring. Simple cases are solved by automation. And even more complex cases are handled by the service center in the immediate region.

“Implementation and roll outs of a tool has never been accepted so quickly”

After every roll out,  the first week one already felt a change. Especially because the people involved in the process immediately accepted the tool.


"Springtime simply speaks our language"

When searching for a solution, Springtime was recommended to us. The many years of experience in the AP area were immediately apparent and led to a quick and smooth setup of the solution. In addition, the location in Germany guarantees a high standard of data protection due to the strict EU data protection laws.

"We have recognized that data analysis in Invoicetrack solves our problems"

The process monitoring convinced us immediately. It is clearly structured and you can easily zoom into line items from the management view. The KPIs provide unprecedented comparability. The second main argument was that we can maintain the rules ourselves. Although we outsource the process, we still have a lot in our hands.

"The board now expects better reporting"

Our reporting no longer met the current needs of the time. With Invoicetrack's Analytics solution, we are now able to generate management-friendly reports at any time. Thanks to the reports, we can also respond very quickly to management queries of all kinds.

"Thanks to Invoicetrack we have a good reputation with our suppliers"

Not only the AP department, but also the purchasing department benefits from the data analysis in Invoicetrack because it provides valuable data about the suppliers. In addition, we can pay more punctually which makes the suppliers happy.


"Speed and flexibility surprised us"
Springtime is customer-oriented, competent and pro-active. You talk to someone who knows the process and not just his or her product. Through personal customer support, tickets are processed quickly and thoroughly.

"Invoicetrack has an integrated business monitoring"
The process monitor provides a helicopter view of the tool. And you can easily query KPIs with it. In addition, the management can quickly see where the level of automation is high.

"Invoicetrack takes local specifics into account"
The special requirements of local authorities have always created problems for us. Invoicetrack helped us to meet the compliance requirements and make the rollout to new countries very efficient.

"Continuous improvements allow us to automate more and more"
Invoicetrack is a solution that is constantly evolving and we can give our input. The degree of automation can be constantly increased and the AP employees can be relieved. The joint tuning of the service is a big plus for Invoicetrack.

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